We know how it feels to be in your position. Whether you've just received a diagnosis or you've been searching for years for the right place for your child, we're here to help put your mind at ease and make sure you and your family have a beautiful and welcoming place to receive the treatment your child needs.


Who is Eliza?

Eliza Hope Darby is the inspiration for everything we do here at Eliza Hope. The only child of Aimee and Aaron Darby, Eliza suffered from intractable epilepsy and was diagnosed at 2 years old with autism. Eliza passed away suddenly due to complications from epilepsy in 2017. Following her passing, Aimee decided to dedicate her life to helping other children with autism in Eliza’s memory. Today, over 220 children and families affected by autism benefit from the services and support offered by the Eliza Hope Therapy Center.

What is the Eliza Hope Therapy Center?

The Eliza Hope Therapy Center is a welcoming place where children with autism and other developmental delays can receive all of their therapy in one place. The Eliza Hope Foundation works with dedicated partners to provide speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, ABA therapy, and an early intervention social skills program all under one roof.

What services can my child receive at the Eliza Hope Therapy Center? What Insurances are accepted?

Applied Behavioral Analysis
Provider: Lumapaths ABA
Insurance Accepted: Tricare
Contact Information: contact@lumapathsaba.com
Provider: The Pennington Group
Insurance Accepted: Tricare, BCBS, Aetna, Optima, Anthem, Magellan
Contact Information: (757) 261-4475
Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy
Provider: Sentara
Insurance Accepted: Tricare, BCBS, Aetna, Optima, Anthem, Magellan
Contact Information: (757) 261-4475
Early Intervention Social Skills  
Provider: Jumpstart Social Skills- Directed by Mrs. Patti Loud SLP
Methods of Payment: Self-pay/Needs based Scholarships provided by the Eliza Hope Foundation
Contact Information: pattijumpstart@gmail.com

What ages of kids do you serve?

Children age 2 through young adulthood can receive ABA therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy at the Eliza Hope Therapy Center. Children age 3-5 years are able to participate in the early intervention social skills class.

What is Hope Stars?

Hope Stars leagues are extracurricular sports and activity programs designed to facilitate peer-to-peer engagement, large group socialization, and self-paced skill-learning for children with autism or other developmental delays. Hope Stars Leagues give children with autism and their families the opportunity to participate in the typical childhood experience of team sports and clubs, without the pressure of competition and comparison. Each league is designed to let children go at their own pace and interact with volunteers and peers at their own comfort level, while still being exposed to learning new skills in a new environment.  
Hope Stars is a program specifically for children with autism, however we welcome typical siblings to join in every opportunity if they would like to participate.

How can I register my child for Hope Stars Activity Leagues or other extracurricular opportunities?

Registration is ongoing for each Hope Stars League. Registration links can be found HERE.

How can I register my child for swim stars?

Our swim program is very popular and availability is limited. We are currently hosting five 8-week sessions each calendar year. Each session takes place on Tuesday afternoons from 3:00pm-3:30pm or 3:30pm-4:00pm. If you are interested in registering your child CLICK HERE or email kiley@elizahope.org to get on the waiting list.

What if I can’t afford the registration fee for a program or opportunity?

We are happy to cover the costs so your child can participate. Please email our Vice President of Operations Shelley Spell at sspell@elizahope.org

How can I sign up to become a volunteer?

We have lots of opportunities to get involved with the foundation as a volunteer! If you are interested in volunteering for one of our Hope Stars Leagues or as an event volunteer please email Kiley Elward at kiley@elizahope.org.

How can I support the Eliza Hope Foundation?

The Eliza Hope Foundation relies on the kindness and generosity of our donors to support the cost of operations for the therapy center, Hope Stars activity leagues, social skills scholarships, and special events for the local autism community.
We have opportunities for individuals, businesses, organizations, and families to support the Eliza Hope Foundation. We offer sponsorship opportunities for our annual Hope Shines Gala in the Fall and the annual Pinecone Run in the Spring, can create custom fundraising pages for individuals or community groups, and love to work with community partners who are willing to host give-back nights or external fundraisers to raise money for the Eliza Hope Foundation.
If you would like to learn more about sponsorship opportunities or how you can fund a specific program for children with autism please email our Vice President of Development and Fundraising Kiley Elward at kiley@elizahope.org.

How can I start a Hope Stars League in my city?

Are you interested in bringing Hope Stars to your community? Reach out to our founder Aimee Darby at aimee@elizahope.org or CLICK HERE for more information.

Can I visit the Eliza Hope Therapy Center? Where can I set up a tour?

Absolutely! We love welcoming visitors to our therapy center. Schedule a tour with our founder CLICK HERE.



If you are looking for a supportive and creative place for your child on the Autism spectrum, we would love to help. Please fill out the contact form or email us directly at info@elizahope.com. We look forward to getting to know you and your little one and creating great experiences for your family.  



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